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Heart and Soul: Teddy Chen’s film, starts May 20, 2013. Prosthetics. Hong Kong. Army of the Damned: Scar and wound prosthetics. Filming 4/2013. Insidious 2: Additonal special makeup effect artist. 3/2013. Hangover 3: Tattoo makeup application and background makeup. 2011. Hansel and Gretel: Additional footage tattoo makeup with Edward French. 2011 The Lone Ranger 2013: Background makeup artist. Detective Dee the Prequel: Pre-production designer and manufacturer of featured Creature and all prosthetic make-ups. Pre-production 6/2012. Special ID / Te Shu Shen Fen: Staring DonnieYen / Zhan Zi Dan. Special makeup effect wound make-ups. 1-3/2012. Startrek Into Darkness: Creature designer and prosthetic makeup artist for David Leroy Anderson. 1-3/2012. The Guillotines, Xue di zi : Andrew Lau directed. Dummy head of Huang Xiao Ming, and designed a prosthetic character change for the same actor. Fall of 2011. Saving General Yang: Silicone dummy of actor Adam Cheng/Cheng Siu Chau. 2011 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012): Special makeup effects crew. The Glass House (2012): Aging stipple makeup on Hannah Tointon. The Monkey King (2012) Da nao tian gong: Key Makeup Artist to Donnie Yen (Zhen Zidan) and Aaron Kwok. Supervised the creation of the various Monkey prosthetic designs and feet, for Shaun Smith. Pirates of Caribbean 4: Prosthetic Makeup crewmember. 2010 Just Go With It: Assistant to Kazu Tsuji. Prosthetic Makeup application on Kevin Nealon: a Plastic surgery addict. 4/2010. Soul Surfer: Prosthetic designs and makeup application. Pre-production. 2010 Karate Kid (2010): Designed a swollen knee for Jaden Smith. 2009 Priest: (Additional prosthetic make-up artist.) 2009 East Wind Rain / Dong Feng Yu: staring Fan Bing Bing. (Ms. Fan’s Prosthetic stroke makeup.) 2009 14 Blades / Gam Yee Wai (Director Daniel Lee. Tattoo & body makeup/ enhanced muscles for Donnie Yen.) 2009 Shi yue wei cheng / Bodyguards and Assassins 2009 (Prosthetic designer: Donnie Yen, Ting Feng, Hujin, Le Ming, Batter, Zhang Han Yu and Cu Cung Leng Le.) Teddy Chan directs, Peter Chan Producer. 2010 Winner of the Golden Horse and Honk Kong film award for best makeup and costume. 2009 filmed. Cabin In the Woods / Mordecai (Demon Creature suit creator and artist for AFX) 2009 Warrior and the Wolf / Lang Zai Ji, by Tian Zhuang Zhuang. Prosthetic and animatronics designer.) 2008 The Vampires Assistant / Cirque Du Freak ( Two Bellies prosthetic artist and background make-ups. AFX & ADI Designs ) 2008 Startrek (special makeup effects artist.)2007-2008. Film was awarded an Oscar for best makeup 2009. The Forbidden Kingdom (Jet Li and Jackie Chan makeup designer and artist.) 2007 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon / Saam gwok dzi gin lung se gap (2008)(Andy Lau Tak Wah age makeup designer and artist.) 2007 Tau Ming Chong / The Warlords (special make-up effects designer and artist.) 2007 2008 Winner of the Golden Horse and Honk Kong film award for best makeup and costume. The Mad Detective / Sun Taam (Director Johnny To Kai Fung. Ching Wan Lau cut off ear effect.) 2007 Butterfly / Hu die fei -Director Jonny To Kai Fung (Zai Zai autopsy make-up.) 2006 Oceans Thirteen (background beauty make-up) 2006 Snakes on a Plane (post production additional photography, prosthetic application) 2006 Dream girls (background 1950-60-70s beauty make-up) 2006 300 (Los Angeles make-up effects studio, prosthetics co-coordinator and on set makeup artist in Montreal, Canada. 2006) Home Sweet Home/Gwai Muk (Karina Lam/ Kar Yan Lam monster make-up design) 2005 Fearless (Cheung Zher Wei prosthetics; broken nose and eye damage) 2005 Wait’Til You’re Older/Tung Mung Kei Yun (prosthetic age make-up design on Andy Lau Tak Wah) Teddy Chan director. 2004 EYES 10/ Gin Gwai 10 (prosthetic designs) 2004 EVERLASTING REGRET (pre-production prosthetic age make-up co-designer with Crist Ballas.) 2004 RENT (dancers beauty make-up), FUN WITH DICK AND JANE (Prosthetic application on “Tea Leoni” for William Corso.) REBOUND (Back ground corrective and beauty make-up.) SMILE (Prosthetic “Cleft-lip” application) Designed by the Stan Winston Studio. 2004. SERENITY (Mutant applications, KNB designs.) LORDS OF DOGTOWN (Prosthetic post-brain surgery make-up. John Davis Snyder designed.) CONSTATINE (Prosthetic demon application for Stan Winston Studio.) BARBER SHOP 2 (Bald application on Cedric the Entertainer.) COLLATERAL (Background beauty make-up) DAY AFTER THE NEXT (bodies, with “Maestro Studios”), RUNNING ON KARMA/DAAI CHEK LIU (Applied with Jeff Himmel a muscle suit make-up for Andy Lau Tak Wah.) Designed by Steve Johnson’s XFX / Edge Fx. 2003. 2004 Winner of the Golden Horse and Honk Kong film award for best makeup and costume. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (African pirate’s tribal scars), CAT IN THE HAT (Designed child actor’s likeness stunt make-ups.) FRIDAY AFTER NEXT (Old man make-up on Mike Epps for Todd Master’s FX.) HOT CHICKS (Prosthetic black eye.) STARTREK: NEMESIS (Alien application for Michael Westmore.) ALI (Howard Cosell like-ness on “John Voight”. Sculpture design by Nick Marrah) BUBBLE BOY (Siamese twin application for ADI FX) ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE (Old man robot prosthetics for Stan Winston Studio & background club fashion make-up artist.) PEARL HARBOR (Trauma make-ups and 40’s period beauty make-up), BEDAZZLED (Co-applied Lou Ferrigno’s demon make-up for ADI FX.) THE NUTTY PROFESSOR II (All character make-up application for Eddie Murphy’s double, for Rick Baker’s Cinivation.) BICENTENNIAL MAN (Designed operation make-up for Robin Williams) 1998 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II (Applied character disguise masks for Tom Cruise & Dugrey Scott), HEMOLGLOBLIN (Supervised Maestro FX crew for mutant suit costume designs.) VIRUS (Designed a robot/ corpse- look for Julio Oscar Machoso) 1999 STARSHIP TROOPERS (Built “Ironside’s” robot hand glove) VOLCANO (designed the “lava” bomb puppet for Yeagher FX.) DRACULA: DEAD AND LOVING IT (Designed “Leslie Nelson’s” bat ears for Vulich’s Optic Nerve.) ED (Monkey suit build crew. Dave Nelson’s Shop.) HELLRAISER IV (Hell dog supervisor, mirror slide puppet, and old man make-up co- Application for Yeagher FX.) DR. JEKYLL AND MS. HYDE (False breast gag and co-applications of likeness changes for Sean Young&Tim Daley, for Yeagher FX.) ICE CREAM MAN (designed all fx make-ups), CHILDREN OF THE CORN III (Birth tube design & face stitch make-up application, for Yeagher FX.) THE BIRDS II (Designed all crow puppets for Kevin Brennan FX.) RAVEN HAWK, A TALL TALE (Supervised construction of “Beast” puppet, for Vulich’s Optic Nerve.) BEETHOVEN II (Dog build crew.) HOT SHOTS DEUX (designed crumbling and inflating “Sadam Hussein” puppets for Anderson FX and Optic Nerve.) TOYS (Built the “slug” puppet for Stetson Visual.) SUPER MARIO BROTHERS (Pre-production Plant puppet designs for Alterian.) SLEEP WALKERS (Crew for Alterian.) SHOWDOWN IN LITTLE TOKYO (Designed arm-chop gag for Master’s FX.) RESURRECTED (Rebirth puppet transformation for Master’s FX.) THE HOWLING VI, (Fx crew for Master’s FX.) TOTAL RECALL (Miniature Ice set crew for Stetson Visual.) GREMLINS II (designed miniature gremlin meltdown puppets for Master’s FX.) THE ABYSS (built the hero N.T.I. puppet for Stave Johnson’s XFX.) NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET IV AND V (Team cockroach transformation design for SMG, and crew for Master’s FX.) 1989-90. THE CURSE II (Crew), TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE (Crew) SPACED INVADERS (Crew) LEVIATHAN (Crew, Stan Winston Studio.) NEVER ON TUESDAY (Zombie design and acted) 1988 ALIEN NATION (Crew, Stan Winston Studio.) 1987-88 MAC AND ME (Crew) 1987 NIGHT OF THE DEMONS (Crew, XFX) 1987 SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW (Crew Anderson FX) 1987 ROBOT HOLICAUST (Designed “pod” plant.)1986


THE JACKIE GLEASON STORY (detailed character sculptures for Captive Audience.) 2004 Winner of Emmy for best prosthetic makeup design. ROSE RED” STEPHEN KING” (“Julian Sand’s ghost make-up for XFX.) HAVING OUR SAY (Prosthetic aging of Diahann Carroll for David Anderson FX) HIROSHIMA (Todd Master’s FX Crew). Video Stream: Keegan and Peele 2012, Character changes without prosthetics. Sketch comedy.


Good Luck Charlie. Prosthetics for Wendy Weiss. 2013. TOUCH: Prosthetic design and makeup. Episode 5, Season 2. Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Makeup artist. 2012 AMERICAN HORROR STORY (Guest prosthetic makeup artist.) Ep.# 104,102. 2011 and Season 2, 2012. FLASH FOREWARD (Guest prosthetic makeup artist for Master’s FX) 2009-20010 TRUE BLOOD (Guest prosthetic makeup artist, Master’s FX.) 2007 & 2009-2010. DEXTER (Prosthetics and straight make-up) Seasons 2-5 part time employed. 2005-09 BEAUTY AND THE GEEK (Prosthetic designer.) 2008 SCRUBS (Old age makeup for Vulich’s Optic Nerve) CRIS (Fat make-up )Master’s FX. Actor Kevin… UGLY BETTY (background beauty make-up) CLOWNING (beards and beauty make-ups), BROTHERS AND SISTERS (Getty’s tattoo removal) NED (Nickelodon: prosthetic fat lip), JAMIE KENNEDY’S “BLOWIN UP (Afro-American prosthetic make-up for Master’s FX) GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW (Fat makeup and big ears for Master’s FX) CARNIVALE, ROCK ME BABY (Infected eyes for Harlow FX) ONE ON ONE (old age character) ROBBERY HOMICIDE DIVISION (death make-ups) JAMIE KENNEDY EXPERIENCE (prosthetic disguise applications for Master’s FX) KING OF QUEENS (Designed “Kevin’s” fat make-up and bald make-ups) 7th HEAVEN, SIX FEET UNDER (applied burn, and brain surgery make-ups for Master’s FX) CHARMED (Prosthetic application for Masters FX) CROSSING JORDAN (Optic Nerve effect make-ups Season 1-3) ENTERPRISE (Prosthetic application for Michael Westmore.) SCRUBS 2006 (3 character changes with prosthetics.) 2003(“Carrot Top” make-up application) TWO GUYS AND A GIRL (Designed “alipecia” scalp appliance) ANY DAY NOW (Old age applications) FOR YOUR LOVE (Designed and co-applied Fat make-up on “Holly Robinson”) X-FILES (Application) ROSWELL (Application) FREAKYLINKS (Application) BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (Optic Nerve special makeup effects supervisor for 1998 Emmy Winning season 2) Supervised 2 episodes of Season 3. DEEP SPACE NINE (Application for Michael Westmore) 1998-2000 VOYAGER (Special makeup effects artist for Michael Westmore) 1998-2000. BABYLON 5 (Supervisor of make-up manufacturing and team make-up artist on Emmy Award-winning series,) season 1, 1994. Staff Makeup artist for Seasons 2-3, 1995-1996 PROFILER (Prosthetic design and application) 1998 LIVING IN CAPTIVITY (Designed fat make-up) 1998 THE LIVE AMAZING SEA MONKEYS (make-up and puppet design/ construction supervisor, and make-up application) HYPERNAUTS (Optic Nerve’s Make-up design/construction supervisor and make-up artist.) 1996 MONSTERS (Demon puppet for Kevin Brennan FX). 1988 MUSIC VIDEO’S: WILL SMITH ”Men In Black 2”, ‘NSYNC “It’s Gonna Be Me”(Cris’s prosthetic application for S.M.G. FX) METHOD MAN / REDMAN “Raise the Roof”(Designed Fat white hill-billy make-ups), BUSTA RHYMES “Dangerous” (character make-ups), “Gimme Some More” (Designed demon kid make-up), AEROSMITH “Pink”(Siamese twin application for Kevin Yeagher.) SONIC YOUTH “Little Trouble Girl”(Alien girl prosthetic application for Vulich’s Optic Nerve.) MICHAEL AND JANET JACKSON “Scream”(Microphone prop for Vulich’s Optic Nerve.) MADONNA “Bedtime Story”(Designed Madonna’s false torso and innards and prosthetic applications. Supervisor for Vulich’s Optic Nerve.)


THE WACKY ADVENTURES OF RONALD McDONALD (Supervised the design and construction of a dog suit on “Vern Troyer”/ “Mini Me” for Vulich’s Optic Nerve.)


JACK LINK’S (“Bigfoot” prosthetic application for Stan Winston Studio) MOUNTAIN DEW (Giant inflated head prosthetic application for Stan Winston Studio) McDonalds (Chicken man prosthetic application for Stan Winston Studio) SIX FLAGS ACROSS AMERICA (Mr. Six co-application, Stan Winston Studio) DOS EQUIS Radical Media (Maori Indian tattoos) T-MOBILE (Bug Bite co-application for Stan Winston Studio) SIMS (“Unleashed” plastic look make-ups), SIERRA MIST (Frozen cave man make-up application for David Anderson.) BUDGET RENT A CAR (Ice make-ups for Master’s FX) LUX SOAP (Leaf body make-up designfor Joanne Gair.) TEXACO (“Old Rocker” make-up application for Anderson FX.) MOUNTAIN DEW (Designed Busta Rhymes disguise make-ups), JERGINS SKIN CARE (Mud body make-up for Joanne Gair) FORD MOTORS (Statue make-up for Vulich’s Optic Nerve.) MORTAL COMBAT III GAME (stop motion figurine supervisor for Yeagher FX) PARKAY MARGARINE (stop motion margerine sticks), UNITED AIRLINES (Team orca whale “go-motion” puppet, Boss Film.) HITACHI (Designed in-camera stretch airconditioner by “Hulk Hogan”, Coast FX) DURACELL (Santa Claus model, Coast FX) SPIFFITS (stop motion tissue box, Coast FX) McDONALDS (stop motion pancakes, Coast FX) 7-UP (Stretching cans, Coast FX) TAPPAN, VANISH, DUPONT-ROCHE (Hand puppet, Peter Wallach, NYC) POST HONEYCOMB CEREAL (Designed cerial Suit)


SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 2004 (Bathingsuit Issue. Body painting with Joanne Gair) VANITYFAIR 1999 (Jim Carey by Annie Leibowitz), *The following make-ups were assisting Joanne Gair: PIRRELLI CALENDER 1999 (Alek Wek by Herb Ritts) DETAILS 1998(Gillian Anderson by Seb Janiak), JERGINS SKIN CARE (by Matthew Ralston)


AREA NYC (One of 4 art designers for multi-media night club 1983-1986)


Bachelor of arts degree: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA 1982 Educator: 1994. TEACHER: Shanghai Theater Academy. Created a course in prosthetic design and special make-up effects.