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Body Paint Gallery

Kim Sang Bum
Dexter. 2006.  All paint.
Test anatomy illusion
Sci-Fi Channel commercial. 2006
Sci-Fi Channel commercial. 2006
Dos Equis beer commercial. 2007
Dos Equis beer commercial. 2007
Photo By Annie Leibowitz. Make-up by Mark Garbarino
Photo by Annie Leibowitz. Make-up by Mark Garbarino
Herb Ritt's Photo for Pirelli Calender. Asst. Joanne Gair
Pirelli Calender. Herb Ritt's Photo.  Asst. Joanne Gair
Ms White. SI 2004. Asst. Joanne gair
Petra. SI 2004 Asst Joanne gair
Ms. Miller. Asst Joanne Gair
Ms Miller. Asst. Joanne Gair
Ms. Keller. Asst. Joanne Gair
Bridget Hall. Asst. Joanne gair
Naomi Of SI Issue 2004. Assist. Joanne gair
Sports Ill Bathing Suits 2004. Asst. Joanne Gair
Lux Soap
Lux Soap. Designed and Co-make-up for Joanne Gair
Jergin's Soap. Asst. Joanne Gair
Herb Ritt's Jergin's Adv.  Asst Joanne Gair
Cassie for
Assisting Joane Gair